NF is between the environment and health
We spare no effort to protect our customers' valuable health.



We Save Lives

In addition to its recognized position in the global oxygen market, NF is also growing to become
the world-best biomedical healthcare solution company.


"We strive to save both human and natural life."
NF provides products like nature to consumers,
For nature, we create products that can coexist with

Why NF?
The world's first and only oxygen generator with antibacterial function in the oxygen generation process
Acquired a single item license certification as a proven medical device-based “pharmaceutical”, the first product in Korea
The world's first unmanned automated oxygen generation module production'Smas Factory' (CAPA of 100,000 units production per year)
Core competition

First NF

  • The first combination medical device in Korea
    Korea's first drug + medical device combination medical device certification, the first insurance premium in Korea to be certified
  • premium acquired
    'Oxygen 93' drug insurance premium acquired

Only NF

  • World's first unmanned automated oxygen generation module production
    Securing price competitiveness and quality competitiveness by building 100,000 oxygen module production facilities per year.
  • Clean oxygen supply system
    Supply of clean oxygen by incorporating our own antibacterial technology in the process of making oxygen.

Global NF

  • Global Hospital Oxygen Infrastructure Solution
    In the post-corona era such as India, Peru, and Myanmar, Building a recognized global network as a solution
  • Building a recognized global network
    Establishment of a subsidiary in India, securing export network to overseas base countries such as Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc.