Whilst taking into account environmental concerns,
we never spare any effort in protecting our customers’ health.

Approved as a combination medical device in a Korea first by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety,
it generates average 93% high purity oxygen, and offers bigger marketability due to the medical insurance fee reimbursement system by the government.

The oxygen supply status is continuously checked through the monitoring system, which makes the system
more convenient and safer to use.

It comes in a variety of sets that can be selected according to the required oxygen amount of a hospital.
Both big and small hospitals can use the product.

Division Performance
Product name MOSS-KBS
Model name MOSS-450BS[MOSS-OCD]
Oxygen supply flow 45LPM ± 10%
Oxygen purity 93% ± 3%
Rated voltage / Frequency 220VAC / 60Hz
Average power consumption 3.7kW / 4.5kW
Size (W×D×H) 750 x 809 x 1,750 mm
Configuration Power
Classification by set MOSS-KBS
oxygen generator booster(type C) MOSS-OCD
SET 1 1 EA 1 EA 1 EA 4.5 Kw/h
SET 2 2 EA 2 EA 1 EA 8.2 Kw/h
SET 3 3 EA 3 EA 1 EA 11.9 Kw/h