Health Care

Whilst taking into account environmental concerns,
we never spare any effort in protecting our customers’ health.


O2REX-F50Home Care Portable Oxygen Generator
Indoor air filtering function
Oxygen generation supply function
Skin beauty function
(planned to be added)
  • Flow rate and purity can be adjusted
  • Basic components : necket, oxygen content meter, etc.
Oxygen purity 30~90%
Oxygen flow rate 1~3 LPM (three-step control)
Size 220 x 220 x 540 (mm)
Weight 7.9kg

  • Air cleaning function and oxygen generation supply function

  • “Anytime, Anywhere” High versatility

  • Oxygen concentration step control

  • neat design

  • Easy to use

Purpose of use

For healthcare
Study of test takers and children
Indoor fine dust air quality improvement
For home care
Health care for seniors and office workers
Help with fatigue, hangover, etc.

Various functions

Various functions such as time reservation and oxygen level control can be adjusted with an easy touch display

  • Accumulated time display

  • Reservation time display

  • Timer

  • Step

  • Oxygen

  • Purifier

Ease of use

24 hours oxygen supply by power on/off and control of oxygen concentration
and oxygen flow rate desired by the user. Compact size provides convenient mobility.

Installation case

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