Health Care

Whilst taking into account environmental concerns,
we never spare any effort in protecting our customers’ health.


Total care system for physical and psychological improvement through self-diagnosis programs, improvement programs, oxygen and light, various contents and improvement functions

Total Mental Care System

Total Mental Care
OxySpa View the results of a user's body changes

Self-Diagnosis Content
Stress Index Measurement Content

Clean Oxygen Supply
Clean oxygen supply, such as forest

Sound therapy
Reliable change of psychological anxiety with healing sound function

Relaxation of psychological and physical tension through natural/emotional images in the most comfortable position

Color therapy
Induce psychological stability and sound sleep with various colors and light intensity

Product descriptions

Clean Oxygen Function

Effect of recovering body fatigue and improving immunity through clean oxygen supply such as forest

LED Light Source Color Function

Various colors of visible light meet the effects of light, improving body immunity from certain diseases, relieving tension, and sleeping well.

Video Function

Provide physical and mental psychological, mental and physical relaxation through the effect.

Sound Function

Nature's sound, beautiful music, comfortable resting place

Mental Care Program

Diagnostic program diagnoses self-health and checks results of post-program recovery changes

Bodyline Block Sheet
Vibration Function

Body line optimized height and cushion strength for the best comfort

Installation case

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