Environmental industry

It is used in a wide variety of industries that require high concentration of oxygen,
such as for fisheries, agricultural, and environmental industries


Sashimi stores, small-scale live fish wholesalers, and live fish vessels installed

Oxygen purity 90±3%
Oxygen flow rate 7± 1.5 LPM
Press 1.5bar (max 4.5bar)
Operating voltage 220V AC/60Hz
Power consumption 0.48 kw
Weight 35kg
Size 560*620*300 (mm)

Advantages of NF oxygen supply system

Automatic oxygen supply system for fisheries

This equipment can be used in place of the liquid oxygen/gas oxygen used to increase the existing dissolved oxygen (DO).
It is a safe and convenient automatic oxygen supply system in the form of receiving oxygen.

  • 1

    Contribution to increase sales

    Relieves stress from live fish by securing abundant dissolved oxygen > Live fish meat quality improvement > Contribution to increase sales

  • 2

    Fast growth

    Energy consumption increases due to increased activity > Mass increase in feed intake > Fast growth

  • 3

    Profit generation

    Profit generated by shortening the nurturing period due to rapid growth

  • 4

    Reduce stress

    Reduce stress on management such as live fish death

  • 5

    Securing marketing advantage

    Securing marketing advantage by strengthening facility competitiveness compared to other companies

  • 6

    Relieves stress

    Relieves stress related to oxygen management (replacement, money, etc.) when using oxygen

Advantages of NF oxygen supply system

Headquarters AS management system

Establishment of business file

Business site information / product information / Installation information

Regular inspection system

Every 3,000 hour cycle / Purity, flow rate, pressure, process / Piping, diffuse

Emergency response system

Holiday Emergency Response Team / Liquid oxygen supply / Emergency safety device

Customer support system

Form technical information support / Maximization of dissolved efficiency / Maximizing piping efficiency

Advantages of NF oxygen supply system


IMA-PSA method

IMA-PSA technology is a technology that combines three patented technologies.
It does not make the product into one system (All-IN-ONE),
but it is a technology that envisions the whole by small modules that operate independently of each other.

Automatic conversion system

In case of an emergency during oxygen supply through AOSS, an automatic conversion system operates
to automatically connect the preliminary acid/liquid acid to cope with an urgent situation.

Advantages of NF oxygen supply system

Application case

Yeongnam area Seedling farm, livestock farm, cage, live fish distribution storage tank inland, Gyeongnam Hamyang sturgeon seedling, Jirisan sturgeon breeding, Uljin Wangpiri sancheoneo seedling growth, Sancheong Kim Jingyu Sogari, Busan Haeundae Aquarium, Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant, etc. It is being used by replacing liquid acid and ki-acid in over 400 business sites alone.