Bio Oxygen

The Oxygen System to Prepare for the Future
" We will increase the possibility of saving lives easily and
quickly with kits and systems for emergency situations that may occur anytime and anywhere."

Only 2 minutes: The time you can survive without oxygen
Oxygen: The most important requirement in a medical emergency

Through joint research by the Agency for Defense Development and the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, NF has patented technology that can generate oxygen without the need for a power supply, and has completed the building and testing of a prototype. NF is now at the final stage of commercializing the technology.

Complete convenience through no need for power

NF’s bio-oxygen generation device can supply oxygen anytime and anywhere without the need for electricity or power.

No pressure tank or battery ensures no risk of explosions

Because it lacks a pressure tank or battery system, NF’s non-powered bio-oxygen oxygen generation device is safe from the risk of explosions caused by external shock or fire.

A must-have aesthetic design

Due to its compact, neat and easy-to-use design, it can be utilized for a wide variety of situations and applications.