Export Model

Whilst taking into account environmental concerns,
we never spare any effort in protecting our customers’ health.

Equipped with a pressure booster,
MOSS-450CU can replace existing can replace existing
high-pressure liquid and gaseous oxygen,
and can supply oxygen more stably.

NF’s centralized oxygen supply system can easily be installed using existing oxygen gas pipelines,
and oxygen supply method can also easily be switched to oxygen gas cylinders if required.
can also easily be switched to oxygen gas cylinders if required.

  • Simple operation
  • Easy driving
  • Small installation space
  • Improving competitiveness
    with high-tech products
  • Inexpensive oxygen supply system
  • Excellent quality
  • Modularization of parts
  • Regular inspection system
  • Convenience of management

Advantages of NF Oxygen Generator

01Oxygen supply by real-time oxygen generation

02Low incurred cost

03Space saving as high pressure container storage is not required

04Less damage to facilities due to non-use of high-pressure containers

05Low risk of explosion due to non-use of high pressure container

06No need for explosion-proof facilities due to the non-use of high-pressure containers

07Low labor cost burden with automatic oxygen supply system


Purity 93 % ± 3 %
Flow Rate 45 ± 3 LPM (No pressure)
Supply Pressure 1.6 ~ max 5kg/㎠
Voltage 220VAC 50~60 Hz
Power Consumption 3.2 KW/h
Body Meterial Mild Steel
Size 1,000*500*1,396 (w*d*h mm)
Weight 235kg
Oxgen Descharge Caliber 9.5mm Elbow Nipple