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“All cancers occur when our body is acidic and lacks oxygen.”

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All cancers occur when our body is acidic and lacks oxygen..” 

When the body lacks oxygen, normal cells mutate and live like cancer cells without oxygen. 


"Oh, my head hurts!"

Paying too much attention gives me a headache.

More than 10 billion brain cells can only function when they receive oxygen.

If you pay too much attention, your head doesn't get enough oxygen, which can lead to headaches.

The solution is oxygen supply.

Is it just a headache?

Fatigue, insomnia, depression, memory loss and even cancer may be the answer.


Left: Otto Warburg. 1931 Nobel Prize laureate in Medicine

Right: Stephen Krauss, Chairman of OXIGENESIS, former NASA engineer

◇ Without sufficient oxygen supply, the white medicine is invalid 

Oxygen is a powerful antidote. When you are under extreme stress, your brain releases a toxin called cortisol, which causes headaches.

At this time, it is oxygen that decomposes the toxic substance. The same goes for alcohol. To break down 1 molecule of alcohol, 3 molecules of oxygen are needed.

Oxygen also decomposes heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic, that are fatal to our body.

Oxygen directly affects human happiness, and serotonin coordinates various brain nerves to create a calm feeling.

When the brain lacks oxygen, the activity of the enzyme that synthesizes serotonin decreases, resulting in depression. Insomnia and anxiety are also causes of lack of oxygen.

◇ Without oxygen, even 1 g of fat cannot be broken down

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue and lethargy, you should supplement with oxygen first.

It breaks down nutrients called mitochondria in our cells and converts them into energy. A large amount of oxygen is consumed at this time.

If there is not enough oxygen, energy production is reduced by a whopping one-twentieth, causing fatigue.

Fat does not burn in our body, just as wood does not burn without oxygen.

Unburned fat accumulates in the body as it is, causing abdominal obesity, the root of all diseases.

Without oxygen, even 1 gram of fat cannot be broken down.

◇ "Cancer is caused by lack of oxygen" 

Normal cells in the human body survive healthy only when there is enough oxygen. However, there are cells that live without oxygen. It's cancer cells.

This fact was already known in the 1930s.

German biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg (1883-1970) said, "When the body lacks oxygen, normal cells mutate and live without oxygen, which is called cancer cells."

He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for proving that "the removal of oxygen from healthy cells turned them into cancer cells."

He asserted that the cause of cancer is a lack of oxygen, so supplying the body with sufficient oxygen inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

In 2019, three medical scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the principle that cancer cells grow without oxygen.

They announced that when the body lacks oxygen, cancer cells grow well and become resistant to treatment, so anticancer drugs do not work well.

Conversely, when the body is supplied with sufficient oxygen, the antioxidant power is much higher than taking antioxidants, which makes cancer treatment easier.

◇ A lack of oxygen causes a sharp decline in immunity 

'Immunity' is a hot topic due to COVID-19. When cancer cells or pathogens invade our body, immune cells immediately detect and attack them.

In fact, 5,000 cancer cells are generated in our body every day.

Nevertheless, it is thanks to white blood cells (immune cells) that can maintain health, and these white blood cells can only get energy and work in the presence of oxygen.

The best way to build immunity is to supplement with oxygen.

You breathe air all day, so you don't usually think you're running out of oxygen. However, many people suffer from oxygen deprivation.

Air contains 21% oxygen. It varies from place to place, but 21% in the forest, 20% in a large city, and 19% in a city apartment room or car with closed windows.

Although numerically it is only 1-2%, the difference is huge.

The older you get, the less oxygen you have. Older people have poor lung function, so they take in much less oxygen than younger people.

 In reality, a lot of waste products accumulate in the body, which requires more decomposition oxygen. Evidence of this is that the body smells like an old man.

The smell of old people is when the body does not have enough oxygen to properly decompose the waste products, which accumulate and come out of the body.

If the supply of oxygen is insufficient, no matter how good the supplements are, it is of no use.

If you are eating good food or nutritional supplements, you need to supplement oxygen enough to double the effect.

Therefore, more and more people are using the oxygen stock solution, which is concentrated 50,000 times more than the oxygen dissolved in the clear valley water.

Kim Soo-jung  Health on the Table