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Oxygen boosts immunity... 'O2 home appliance' rises in the epidemic er…

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Oxygen boosts immunity... 

'O2 home appliance' rises in the epidemic era 


 ▶ Oxygen generation function products launched one after another

 ▶ Growing popularity in the immune-boosting market

 ▶ Home Oxygen Generator ‘Oturex’

 ▶ NF provides an optimal oxygen environment

 ▶ Body brand ‘The Pharaoh O2’

 ▶ High-concentration oxygen supply by filtering air


NF Home Oxygen Generator 'O2REX' 

                         엔에프 가정용 산소발생기 'O2REX 오투렉스' 

Home oxygen generators that generate comfortable air are rapidly emerging as a new market.

As interest in strengthening immunity due to infectious diseases such as COVID-19 increases, related products that provide clean oxygen are gaining popularity.

In particular, as oxygen generators, which were previously mainly used for medical and industrial purposes, are produced for home use, the scope of application is expanding to include massage chairs with an added oxygen generation function.

As the number of companies entering the market increases due to the increase in demand, new products are being released as relays.


                             Bodyfriend massage chair 'The Pharaoh O2'


■ Popularity of home and portable oxygen generators 

2According to the industry on the 26th, demand for household and portable oxygen generator products is increasing.

According to officials, sales are increasing as oxygen generators are receiving attention as new indoor environment management products along with air purifiers, which have become essential home appliances.

Companies are also betting on a growth drive by launching new products and expanding global sales channels.

Oxygen generator manufacturers with technological prowess while manufacturing medical oxygen generators for a long time are moving first.

A representative example is NF, an oxygen supply bio-healthcare company that is building optimal oxygen environment solutions from medical and industrial to recent general use and portable oxygen generators with specialized patented technology.

Previously, NF launched 'Oturex', a household oxygen generator developed to popularize oxygen generators.

Oturex is equipped with a technology to selectively adsorb only nitrogen in the atmosphere using molecular adsorbents to separate oxygen.

NF obtained a combination of medicines and medical devices for oxygen generators from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2020.

In 2021, they will be able to receive medical care benefits from the Ministry of Health and Welfare by receiving drug prices from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.

It has also succeeded in pioneering overseas markets. In July last year, we established a local corporation in New Delhi to target the Indan market, where the corona situation has worsened.

After exporting more than 300 medical oxygen generators, it plans to expand the market to Brazil, the Philippines, and Vietnam this year to the United States and Europe.

■ New products such as oxygen-breathing massage chairs

Companies not directly related to oxygen are also developing new products.

'Zeigle', famous for its home electric grill, has been expanding its oxygen home appliance business after launching 'ZWC', 

a brand specializing in well-being at the end of 2018.

Bodyfriend won the CES 2022 Innovation Award for 'The Pharaoh O2', a massage chair with high-concentration oxygen supply.

Pharaoh O2 is a massage chair with cutting-edge technology used in medical oxygen generators, and it supplies high-concentration oxygen by passing clean air pre-filtered through a filter in the air intake at high pressure.

An official from Bodyfriend said, "Inspired by the fact that walking in the forest makes your head feel refreshed and clear, even if you use a massager at home.

This product was designed to create the feeling of being massaged in the forest.

High concentration of oxygen is supplied through the oxygen tube. 

Users can receive a massage that helps to relax the whole body while breathing in high-concentration oxygen.”

Oxygen technology was also applied to emergency safety equipment.

Saving Story introduced 'Life Rescue Towel K2', which completely blocks toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and generates oxygen by itself at the same time.

An industry official said, “The domestic oxygen generator market has been growing rapidly since 2000.

As it is spreading to personal portable products, the market size is expected to grow even larger.”

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source: https://n.news.naver.com/article/014/0004826530